Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recent (ahem) Happenings

I know...I AM THE WORST BLOGGER. I can't keep up with it! January crept up on me and so did a horrible respiratory infection (more about that later) and work (more on that later too...but don't worry, it's all good). Here goes.

Happy 2011! We hope you had a great holiday season.

We ended 2010 in Winnipeg. Ethan did very well on his first plane ride...much better than his mommy who was sick the whole way. Ty did a great job taking care of Ethan on the plane. I felt just horrible not being able to hold my baby, much less sit up straight myself. I was lucky to find an unoccupied back row on the flight to Minneapolis and felt a bit less awful on the second flight to Grand Forks. In Grand Forks, we were greeted be Claire and Marv who drove us north to Winnipeg. What an exciting reunion for Mama, Papa and Ethan. Claire said that she was crying watching the plane land. She was gently reminded by Marv that "they are coming...not going!"

Once we arrived in Winnipeg, we were greeted by many family members. Ethan met all of his aunties, uncles and cousins. Thank you to Michele, Keith, Taylor and Brooke for a great "Meet Ethan Party - the Canadian version" on Sunday, Dec. 19th. At the party, E met some extended family. It was such a fun night!

The next day was mommy's birthday. I was welcomed into my 33rd year with a beautiful breakfast prepared by Ty, Claire and Marv.

During the days leading up to Christmas, Ty and I finished our Christmas shopping while Ethan hung out with the family. He even went on his first toboggan ride with Auntie Michele!

Christmas was lots of fun this year, especially since we got to spend it with our little guy!

Here are some pictures of our days in WPG to sum up the rest of the trip...

"Helloooooo Winnipeg!"

Meeting Uncle Devin...

...and Auntie Michele

Meeting his Beautiful Cousins....Claudia...

...and Brooke
Having fun with Papa at The Forks!

Playing with Uncle Devin.

...and having more fun with Uncle D! Look where Ethan's eye are oriented! Not yet big guy!

Our adorable nephew, Adam loved Brooke's cookie Christmas tree.

Santa came!
Ethan in relation to his GINORMOUS STOCKING and cute stuffed bear (from Brooke and Taylor). I forgot to take a picture of him in the stocking!

Tyler, Noelle and Ethan's stockings (with "overflow" bags)!

...and last but certainly not least in Ethan's eye...playing with Mama!
They had so much fun together all week long!

Thanks to everyone for making Ethan's first Christmas so special! xoxo