Friday, July 30, 2010

The Latest and Greatest (well...not so much Greatest)

We went to the doctor yesterday. Latest update is....not much :o(
Heart rate = 140
Baby is in same position
Not dilated any, but 70% effaced (I guess that means we're kinda getting ready for something to happen)
My pregnancy hormones kicked in, mixing with my frustration and I just broke down and CRIED when the doctor told me this. I was expecting a bit more progress. I am all done with pregnancy (even though i loved it up until about a month ago) and being uncomfortable. Just want to meet our little one, already!

Tyler, upon seeing me cry, started tearing up. Next thing I know we are all hysterically laughing. Our doctor is SO INCREDIBLY NICE and was handing out the Kleenex between crying and laughing episodes. I think she know us as the criers and I told her to warn all of the other docs in the group!

This happened once before, early on in the pregnancy, when I was still in the extremely nervous phase. I was telling her about our previous miscarriage and couldn't help but cry. Again, Ty was right there with me. Doc looks at me and says, "You're crying?" in a very sympathetic tone, then looks at Tyler and says, "And you're crying?", also very sympathetically. The whole episode was very funny to say the least and we had a bit of a replay yesterday. So...Ty recovered, not so much - I had another tear fest after leaving the office, but then I felt much better. Sometimes you just have to have a good cry. Man...these hormones aren't kidding!

Ty and I are trying to enjoy these last few days where it will be "just us". But we are both ready (me a bit more because my belly is about to pop) to start the next chapter.

Keep your fingers crossed!

ON ANOTHER NOTE....HAPPY WEDDING DAY TO EMILY AND KEVIN IN SAD DIEGO! We missed being there with you, but wish you the best day! Hoping to get out to the west coast sometime one!

Emma and me in San Diego (2008)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Since Mommy is an Insomniac... get another post. These have been my nights - very interrupted sleep or no sleep at all - for about the past month. Guess I am being prepared for what's to come. I'm not complaining :o)

As of last Thursday, July 22 (37+ weeks pregnant), the latest statistics are as follows:
Heart Rate = 133
Baby still head down
Belly measured 39 weeks (which doctor said is normal to be + or - 2 weeks). Must be why I feel HUGE!
From ultrasound report, which was done at 36+ weeks, baby's weight was estimated to be 6 lbs 14 oz - YIKES...don't grow too much bigger, little one.
Next dr. appt. is this Thursday, July 29th.

I can't believe i am posting these
Holy Belly

We also had yet another beautiful baby shower given to us by Ty's work. Thanks, HealthSOS! You are all too kind.

It's 4:45 am...going to go try to get some ZZZs...g'night!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Not too sure what is going on with background isn't showing up properly, hence the type is hard to apologies (for Blogger...haha).

Baby Soroka's New Digs

We are almost finished with the baby's room...and we hope baby comes soon to see it!

The room before...nicely painted by Papa Marv...but turned into a junk room/laundry center.

The room after - July 25, 2010
(pretty much finished)

Alphabet poster on order and will be hung above bookcase.

Glider from Room and Board...very comfy.

Dragonflies from Target

Bedding from Land of Nod

Bird pillow from Land of Nod too.

Ty stains the side table.

Bird mobile from Etsy. Love it.

Baby's crib (inside) - don't worry, we'll take the bunny out once baby goes in.

ABC wall decoration I made from some IKEA spice containers.

Bookshelves - hung by Tyler (Good job, honey). Since he did such a good job his confidence has been boosted and he's a bit, shall we say, shelf-happy...wants to hang shelves all over the place.

Baby has LOTS of books...must be the teacher in me.

Cousin to be, Dylan, researching the World Book Encyclopedia for the nine planets so he could paint (crayon resist) his new cousin a picture of the solar system.


We made lots of artwork that day. Dylan made pictures of the solar system and a lion. Logan drew a bee in a garden. Pictures of the framed artwork to follow (once it's hung on the wall above the bookcase).

I made these pictures from scrap booking paper. They are hung with the "Command" picture hanging strips which are great - they just stick to the walls...NO NAIL HOLES!

Did some painting too...

...made a wall hanging that reads "You Are My Sunshine" (a song my mom used to sing to me as a baby and my favorite children's song to date)

Hung above windows. At that point we only had one curtain panel, thanks to my pregnancy brain...we have two now :o)

Our stroller! Gift from Marv and Claire....we LOVE it! Can't wait to use it for many, many walks.

Max inspects the play mat from Tricia and Gerardo. He approves!

He also loves the rug in the baby's room, especially when the sun hits it in the perfect spot for him to sunbathe.

We had lots of fun putting the room together and can't wait to watch our little one grow in it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quick Update on Baby Soroka

We went to the doctor this past Thursday (I am at 35+ weeks) here is a quick update:

- Lost 3 pounds - this is a good thing after my last appointment where I gained 7 pounds in two weeks (YIKES) and cried about it...thanks, hormones. The doctor said sometimes you do lose weight nearing the end of pregnancy...I never knew that. We celebrated by going out for mexican food and a trip Crumbs Cupcake Shop for dessert :o)
- Baby's heart rate was 138 - same general range as it always is. I am giving up on trying to guess the sex based on the heart rate.
- Baby's head has turned south! Yaaayyyy! Doc said by this point he/she shouldn't flip back up. I am happy about this as it limits my chance of a C-section. Not dilated any yet though.
- Have an ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday. At the next ultrasound they will check position and weight of baby. Keep your fingers crossed for me that baby isn't too big. We go to doc every week now...we are in the home stretch!

We have also been working on the baby's room. I got a lot done during the week I had off, including organizing all of the wonderful gifts we received at the showers and doing lots of baby laundry (I am SO thankful that we have a washer/dryer in our condo)! Took a trip to Babies R Us to get some things. Still waiting on a few other items...crib skirt, glider, curtains. We plan to hang some shelves today. Pics to come shortly!

Such an exciting time, but I am ready to meet the little one already, especially with the heat wave the northeast U.S. has had this past week. Thank goodness for central air and my latest obsession of iced lemon water!