Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Soroka's New Digs

We are almost finished with the baby's room...and we hope baby comes soon to see it!

The room before...nicely painted by Papa Marv...but turned into a junk room/laundry center.

The room after - July 25, 2010
(pretty much finished)

Alphabet poster on order and will be hung above bookcase.

Glider from Room and Board...very comfy.

Dragonflies from Target

Bedding from Land of Nod

Bird pillow from Land of Nod too.

Ty stains the side table.

Bird mobile from Etsy. Love it.

Baby's crib (inside) - don't worry, we'll take the bunny out once baby goes in.

ABC wall decoration I made from some IKEA spice containers.

Bookshelves - hung by Tyler (Good job, honey). Since he did such a good job his confidence has been boosted and he's a bit, shall we say, shelf-happy...wants to hang shelves all over the place.

Baby has LOTS of books...must be the teacher in me.

Cousin to be, Dylan, researching the World Book Encyclopedia for the nine planets so he could paint (crayon resist) his new cousin a picture of the solar system.


We made lots of artwork that day. Dylan made pictures of the solar system and a lion. Logan drew a bee in a garden. Pictures of the framed artwork to follow (once it's hung on the wall above the bookcase).

I made these pictures from scrap booking paper. They are hung with the "Command" picture hanging strips which are great - they just stick to the walls...NO NAIL HOLES!

Did some painting too...

...made a wall hanging that reads "You Are My Sunshine" (a song my mom used to sing to me as a baby and my favorite children's song to date)

Hung above windows. At that point we only had one curtain panel, thanks to my pregnancy brain...we have two now :o)

Our stroller! Gift from Marv and Claire....we LOVE it! Can't wait to use it for many, many walks.

Max inspects the play mat from Tricia and Gerardo. He approves!

He also loves the rug in the baby's room, especially when the sun hits it in the perfect spot for him to sunbathe.

We had lots of fun putting the room together and can't wait to watch our little one grow in it.


  1. those are absolutely beautiful pics.....the room looks amazing, so well planned ad lots of love in there...
    now all it needs is a soon!!

  2. love the room. can't wait to see the baby in it!!!

  3. The room is absolutely beautiful!! What a lucky baby you have in your belly. Baby Soroka is going to have such great things to look at in his/her room!!!

  4. Everything looks awesome Noelle! Including you! So exciting...I am continually amazed at your artistic ability. Lord knows that gene skipped me!

  5. Gorgeous! I especially love the "sunshine" plaque. That's the song my mom sings to me too, and the reason behind my tattoo. You look fabulous, and the baby's room does too!

  6. Just had to tell you how much I loved the pics of the room. They are beautiful and room is amazing. You and Tyler have put so much love in the room already it shines! Wishing you all the best in these last few weeks. Sending positive thoughts your way. xox