Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quick Update on Baby Soroka

We went to the doctor this past Thursday (I am at 35+ weeks) here is a quick update:

- Lost 3 pounds - this is a good thing after my last appointment where I gained 7 pounds in two weeks (YIKES) and cried about it...thanks, hormones. The doctor said sometimes you do lose weight nearing the end of pregnancy...I never knew that. We celebrated by going out for mexican food and a trip Crumbs Cupcake Shop for dessert :o)
- Baby's heart rate was 138 - same general range as it always is. I am giving up on trying to guess the sex based on the heart rate.
- Baby's head has turned south! Yaaayyyy! Doc said by this point he/she shouldn't flip back up. I am happy about this as it limits my chance of a C-section. Not dilated any yet though.
- Have an ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday. At the next ultrasound they will check position and weight of baby. Keep your fingers crossed for me that baby isn't too big. We go to doc every week now...we are in the home stretch!

We have also been working on the baby's room. I got a lot done during the week I had off, including organizing all of the wonderful gifts we received at the showers and doing lots of baby laundry (I am SO thankful that we have a washer/dryer in our condo)! Took a trip to Babies R Us to get some things. Still waiting on a few other items...crib skirt, glider, curtains. We plan to hang some shelves today. Pics to come shortly!

Such an exciting time, but I am ready to meet the little one already, especially with the heat wave the northeast U.S. has had this past week. Thank goodness for central air and my latest obsession of iced lemon water!


  1. Yeah!! Can't wait to meet this baby!

  2. so excited! update your blog, lady!