Friday, December 10, 2010

Latest Stats on Ethan

We went to the doctor yesterday for Ethan's 4 month well visit. Here are the stats on our boy.

Weight - 14lbs, 4oz. (we TOTALLY thought he was over 16...he is a tank! And his chubby cheeks have really filed out lately...more to kiss!)
Height - 25.25 inches
Head Circumference - 43cm...big head, big brain, right?!?

To all of the mommies out there, when did you start your babies on cereals/fruits/veggies? Do you make your own baby food? Any tips or suggestions? I'd love any feedback!

Ethan is very active and playful these days. He is full of giggles galore! Loves to look at himself in the mirror. Starting to notice he has feet. When we call his name, he looks at us. Everything goes into the mouth! He reaches for his mobile, bats at toys...and silverware for that matter if he is on our lap during meals. And, I swear he watches me eat! He looks at me so intently, I feel like he wants my food! He has rolled all the way over only a couple of times but arches and rolls to his side all the time on his play mat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he "talks" to us. Listening to him in his crib babbling away in the morning makes my heart so happy.

I feel like I am in a time warp ever since we had Ethan. Our days go by so incredibly fast... hours seems like minutes. Best few "minutes" of our lives though.

A Visit to the Man in the Red Suit

This past Wednesday, Ethan and I joined our friends Sara and Mikey (Sara's adorable baby) for a trip to the Short Hills Mall to visit "the big guy". This Santa was fantastic...a very authentic Santa with rosey red cheeks, a REAL beard and a kind demeanor. He was great with the babies who were totally enthralled by his presence. We didn't have any tears (which I totally expect next year) just content babies happy to be held in Santa's big arms.

While in line, we couldn't help but laugh at the other people waiting to see good old St. Nick. Yeah...we were laughing, but it was totally a glimpse into our future...crying kids in coordinating, uncomfortable and itchy holiday outfits, kids whining about the wait (which seems like eons to little ones) and kids crawling all over the icebergs of the "winter wonderland" amidst wires and other technical hazards. Not to mention the kids who were completely rolling in the artificial snow - i'm sure their parents were less than pleased with the designers of this Santa land.'s all part of the memories, right?!?

Waiting in line with my little Santa

(sorry for the awful cell phone pics)

Elf in training, Mikey, and his mommy Sara

Here is the shot we got of Ethan and Santa.

.....ANNNND they're out! It was a big day for these little Santa Babies!
(Ethan looks HUGE in the picture)

See you on December 24th, Santa! Ho, Ho,Ho!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So much to be thankful for...

-ethan 3.5 months-

Thanksgiving found us in the beach town of Manasquan at the home of my Aunt Emma and Uncle Wally. They served a beautiful dinner that was celebrated with all of the family. The day was great and Ethan was such a good boy. He got to meet his cousin Gracie for the first time!

Ethan with cousin Alison

A totally out of focus pic of my love, LOGAN

my little lovey, DYLAN
Isn't he so handsome?

Grandpa and Ethan

Cousins Christine and Mark

I think someone liked David

Uncle Wally cuts the bird

Beautiful Aunt Emma and beautiful Grace!
We were blessed to use Aunt Fran and Barbara's goldware.
These have been used at many family parties throughout the years. Love you, Aunt Fran.

the EXTENSIVE menu...everything was so delicious

after dinner giggles...

Gracie and Ethan meet!
Meg, Grace, Ty and Ethan

Grace and Ethan check out Dylan playing on an iphone these days!

Auntie Meggie and Ethan's turkey bum :0)

On Sunday, November 27th, we joined the Millwards in Brooklyn for our Can-American Thanksgiving Celebration.

Lovely little Sarah and Ethan

Oliver, Sarah and Ethan
Say cheese!

We are so thankful this year for our baby boy and the love of family and friends. What more could we ask for?