Friday, December 10, 2010

Latest Stats on Ethan

We went to the doctor yesterday for Ethan's 4 month well visit. Here are the stats on our boy.

Weight - 14lbs, 4oz. (we TOTALLY thought he was over 16...he is a tank! And his chubby cheeks have really filed out lately...more to kiss!)
Height - 25.25 inches
Head Circumference - 43cm...big head, big brain, right?!?

To all of the mommies out there, when did you start your babies on cereals/fruits/veggies? Do you make your own baby food? Any tips or suggestions? I'd love any feedback!

Ethan is very active and playful these days. He is full of giggles galore! Loves to look at himself in the mirror. Starting to notice he has feet. When we call his name, he looks at us. Everything goes into the mouth! He reaches for his mobile, bats at toys...and silverware for that matter if he is on our lap during meals. And, I swear he watches me eat! He looks at me so intently, I feel like he wants my food! He has rolled all the way over only a couple of times but arches and rolls to his side all the time on his play mat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he "talks" to us. Listening to him in his crib babbling away in the morning makes my heart so happy.

I feel like I am in a time warp ever since we had Ethan. Our days go by so incredibly fast... hours seems like minutes. Best few "minutes" of our lives though.


  1. HE is almost the same size as Kyle!! Too cute!
    We started Kyle on the cereals at 4 months as he was fussy and watching us eat. They say wait to 6 months and we did that with Cole but I think you know when they seem ready to eat! I buy the jars as making my own depending on the season can be expensive.

  2. We started Grace on cereal at 4.5 months. We made our own food for a while and combined it with Plum Organics food. She really likes her food. We would mash up a whole banana. You can mash up avocado. Sweet Potatoes are easy to make and freeze. We would make a huge batch, freeze it and then put it in big ziplock bags. It's a lot of work but you feel good giving them homemade food. Good luck!!!