Friday, December 10, 2010

A Visit to the Man in the Red Suit

This past Wednesday, Ethan and I joined our friends Sara and Mikey (Sara's adorable baby) for a trip to the Short Hills Mall to visit "the big guy". This Santa was fantastic...a very authentic Santa with rosey red cheeks, a REAL beard and a kind demeanor. He was great with the babies who were totally enthralled by his presence. We didn't have any tears (which I totally expect next year) just content babies happy to be held in Santa's big arms.

While in line, we couldn't help but laugh at the other people waiting to see good old St. Nick. Yeah...we were laughing, but it was totally a glimpse into our future...crying kids in coordinating, uncomfortable and itchy holiday outfits, kids whining about the wait (which seems like eons to little ones) and kids crawling all over the icebergs of the "winter wonderland" amidst wires and other technical hazards. Not to mention the kids who were completely rolling in the artificial snow - i'm sure their parents were less than pleased with the designers of this Santa land.'s all part of the memories, right?!?

Waiting in line with my little Santa

(sorry for the awful cell phone pics)

Elf in training, Mikey, and his mommy Sara

Here is the shot we got of Ethan and Santa.

.....ANNNND they're out! It was a big day for these little Santa Babies!
(Ethan looks HUGE in the picture)

See you on December 24th, Santa! Ho, Ho,Ho!

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