Friday, July 30, 2010

The Latest and Greatest (well...not so much Greatest)

We went to the doctor yesterday. Latest update is....not much :o(
Heart rate = 140
Baby is in same position
Not dilated any, but 70% effaced (I guess that means we're kinda getting ready for something to happen)
My pregnancy hormones kicked in, mixing with my frustration and I just broke down and CRIED when the doctor told me this. I was expecting a bit more progress. I am all done with pregnancy (even though i loved it up until about a month ago) and being uncomfortable. Just want to meet our little one, already!

Tyler, upon seeing me cry, started tearing up. Next thing I know we are all hysterically laughing. Our doctor is SO INCREDIBLY NICE and was handing out the Kleenex between crying and laughing episodes. I think she know us as the criers and I told her to warn all of the other docs in the group!

This happened once before, early on in the pregnancy, when I was still in the extremely nervous phase. I was telling her about our previous miscarriage and couldn't help but cry. Again, Ty was right there with me. Doc looks at me and says, "You're crying?" in a very sympathetic tone, then looks at Tyler and says, "And you're crying?", also very sympathetically. The whole episode was very funny to say the least and we had a bit of a replay yesterday. So...Ty recovered, not so much - I had another tear fest after leaving the office, but then I felt much better. Sometimes you just have to have a good cry. Man...these hormones aren't kidding!

Ty and I are trying to enjoy these last few days where it will be "just us". But we are both ready (me a bit more because my belly is about to pop) to start the next chapter.

Keep your fingers crossed!

ON ANOTHER NOTE....HAPPY WEDDING DAY TO EMILY AND KEVIN IN SAD DIEGO! We missed being there with you, but wish you the best day! Hoping to get out to the west coast sometime one!

Emma and me in San Diego (2008)


  1. it will happen very soon! you can do it! prayers for you and ty! love you both and can't wait to welcome the newest addition!

  2. that is adorable Noelle....Ty adores you and I'm sure seeing you in discomfort bothers him!
    You are almost there!!!!!!
    That uncomfortable feeling will disappear as soon as you deliver and you will be a mommy and daddy!!!