Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is a short post for good reason...see below.

I'll start with the "Good".
Ethan's two bottom teeth have come in and he didn't seem to experience much teething pain.
Ethan really enjoyed his first ride on a swing.
He is beginning to sit up on his own like a "big boy".
Mommy passed her BCBA exam! Wooohooo!

The "Bad"
The stomach virus has hit the Soroka's HARD- well, two of us...Ethan and mommy. Thank goodness Tyler has steered clear of this beast so far.
We had to spend our whole week of February vacation sick at home.
We couldn't go to ice skating night with Dylan and Logan. Logan is also not feeling well. (Once we all feel better, we will go skating, boys)

The "Ugly"
Refer to the stomach virus reference above. Just use your imagination.
Tip: do not put a baby covered in poop in a floats. I don't mean to be so graphic, but this has been our week. :-(

Hope you are staying healthy during these last few weeks of winter (fingers crossed). I need spring to spring...FAST!


  1. get better Soroka's!!!! No rest for mommy even when she is sick....gone are the days of relaxing !
    Poop in the tub, love it!!! Kyle pooped last week in the tub and Luke ate it...does that make you feel better?

  2. Hey Noelle!

    I've finally read your blog (sorry it took me so long) and I love it! Congratulations on passing your exam and I'm sorry to hear you are both sick - hope you feel better soon! Big hugs to all!!! XO :)

    P.S. Cheryl (re: your comment) - gross! Ha Ha! :)

  3. Makes me feel better that's for sure