Thursday, April 8, 2010

We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

So I finally got around to scanning some of the ultrasound pictures into the computer. Here are some of them...

Approximately 7 weeks - First Ultrasound
We had our first ultrasound on 12/21/09. After experiencing a bit of a scare on my birthday the day before, we got great and very relieving news that everything was going well! Will always remember that morning and being SO HAPPY.

12weeks, 6 days - Level I Ultrasound
This u/s was done at the hospital on 1/29/10. At this u/s, little one really began looking like a baby. In the upper left hand side of this profile shot, you can see the feet. In the middle is the tummy and to the right is the head. We also heard and saw the heartbeat. Amazing moment we will never forget!

18 weeks, 6 days - Level II Ultrasound
We went for the Lev. II u/s on 3/19/10 at the hospital. This is the u/s where they measure to see how baby is growing and to make sure that the organs are developing appropriately. Baby was not all that cooperative that day, but the techs were able to get what they needed.

We were so lucky to have two u/s techs who were so friendly. One was actually a student so she got us some extra "fun" shots.

Profile of head, hand waving :o)

The techs did some "free of charge" 3d shots. On the left is the regular 2d image. On the right is the 3d image... you can see that the little one had it's arms up to the sides of face.

...and the belly
19 weeks...

21 the Florida Keys. Little one must know it's a summer baby - really liked the heat and started moving lots while we were there.

Currently, we are in the 22nd week. I am feeling really great and enjoy being pregnant. I sometimes forget i'm pregnant until I look down or some kind soul offers me a seat on the subway. I am savoring the moments of the second trimester...i'm sure things will be a bit different in the next few months!

...and as if this post wasn't loooong enough...
I had to include one picture of our first baby, Max - poor thing doesn't have any idea about what's going to happen come August ;0)

Love to you all - Noelle and Ty


  1. you are adorable
    your baby is simply perfect! u/s are amazing!!!! you will love getting more!!!

    2nd trimester is fantastic and you will have a great 3rd trimester!! enjoy!

  2. Love the US pics. You look great! Enjoy the second trimester. It's great!!!

  3. You look amazing! The second trimester isn't called the "golden trimester" for nothing- enjoy! I love the U/S pics too.... hello little one!!!

    AND I realized last night that your baby, Jo's and mine will all be the same school year- since Miles wasn't born before September 1st! Good times...but then again, I think you are having a girl, so Miles and baby Simpson have some competition ahead of them!

  4. I miss Max...and you look great too ;o)