Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's been a while...

I know...I know...I have been neglecting our blog! Totally unintentional. I was waiting to get some good pictures of the baby's room to post, but I really haven't take many (any) because I am waiting to move some junk out of it. We have a ginormous tube tv (that Ty thinks he is going to sell on hem...we "try" to sell everything on craigslist) and a futon to haul out of there. Next week those items WILL be gone...a few dollars in hand or not. We've gotta get moving!

Mother's Day
I felt so honored that many people were wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, even before baby has arrived. Tyler surprised me with a great present...a beautiful card and gift certificate to a local spa for a prenatal massage. I can't wait to use it.

My cards...

Setting up the crib and changing table...
We selected the crib and changing table below from Target. We wanted something white and we also liked the natural wood that these two pieces had.
Because we had celebrated Mother's Day on the Saturday before Mother's Day, Tyler spent Sunday setting up the new furniture. He worked very, very hard to put together the crib and changing table. He spent a few hours working on this and sent me out to Target... I think because he didn't want me supervising :o) Little Max acted as the foreman while I was out.

Mother's Day also brought us some very sad news that Aunt Fran had been called to heaven. As a true angel here on earth, Aunt Fran touched our lives in so many wonderful ways. My cousin Kathleen summed it up perfectly saying that it was almost fitting that God called her home on Mother's Day...Aunt Fran never had her own children but she WAS a mother to all of us kids. My father, who gave Aunt Fran's eulogy during her funeral mass, also made a statement that is so true..."If you were to ask her nieces and nephews, they would say that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE AN AUNT FRAN". I cannot think of any better way to describe how she affected our lives. Aunt Fran had been praying to Saint Gerard, who is the patron saint of expectant mothers. Even in her own time of great need and suffering, she was always thinking of and praying for others. I know she will be watching out for us during the rest of the pregnancy and for our little one.

(cousin Karen, Aunt Fran, me, cousin Chrissy, cousin Kathleen) This picture was taken on Christmas Eve when I was about 3 or 4 years old...Aunt Franny reading us 'The Night Before Christmas" right before....

...Santa came in and scared the pants right off of me...the always humorous Aunt Fran certainly got a kick out of it!

Making homemade pizza in Delaware with her grand-nephews, Logan and Dylan, whom she loved soooooo much.

This is the definition of best friends...

Barbara, me and Aunt Fran at our wedding - 3.28.08

Perhaps we will get used to her not being here anymore...some way, some how. I hope she knows just how much we all loved her...and always will.


  1. Love the crib and changing table! SO CUTE and modern all in one!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt, too....

  2. The crib is super cute and so is that doggie in the pictures :) It's getting close. Soon enough you will have your little angel. Can't wait.
    Great dedication to Aunt Fran. Miss her so much! I keep wanting to call her. Love ya