Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sayonara, Civic!

Since baby is on the way, we decided to get rid of the old Civic. Although it had some bumps and bruises, it really never gave me any problems for the ten years I had it. But after MANY trips from NJ to Boston and 163,000 miles...the time came to say goodbye. To my surprise, we actually got a pretty decent trade in price to put toward the new car.

I had to take one last picture before I traded it in.

So we were looking for a vehicle with a bit more room. We decided on the Hyundai Tuscon. It is pretty basic, but is just what we need. Tyler and I are both not big into fancy cars...just wanted something to get us around.
Front view...

...and rear view

We are really loving it. Next new set of wheels is the stroller!


  1. nice car!!!!!! sporty and practical! Love it...
    happy stroller shopping!

  2. Love the car! That's what I am thinking about when I upgrade! Stroller shopping just might be more fun that car shopping though... especially now that you have a nice big trunk to put the stroller in!