Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eight is Great!

The little - i mean, BIG guy is eight months now! Well 8.5 months actually...mommy's been slacking on the blog updates once again. But we were busy on our road trip last week...more to come on that.

Let's see...Ethan in tummy crawling all over the place. This great achievement has him getting himself into some predicaments lately, for example getting stuck under the ottoman, almost knocking my plant table over or finding things around the house to munch on. So we are really making an effort to make sure there are no choking hazards on the floor and all eyes are on Ethan as he explores his home sweet home. He loves being groomed...hairbrushes, toothbrushes and q-tips are some of his favorite tools. He watches in fascination as Ty and I brush our teeth. Ethan loves his toys, especially the musical know...the ones that make you want to poke your eyes out after you have listened to them ten million times. He loves playing "peek-a-boo" and being startled. We do a lot of this to hear his belly laughs. In the food department, some new items include kiwi, yogurt, biscuits, bread, avacado, mango. He hasn't met a food he doesn't like yet, with the exception of my homemade green peas...gags every time. Don't worry Ethan, no offense taken. Four teeth have poked their way through, two bottom front teeth and two upper eye teeth. Tyler noticed number five starting to come in - his right upper front tooth. Thank goodness, teething has not been so bad for Ethan.

This boy continues to love school (his daycare) and we couldn't be more pleased with his teachers. Miss Jenni, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Karina show a genuine affection for Ethan each time he is there. He is no longer the youngest in his class and I am already sad to think about him leaving that class when he is walking. You don't need to walk anytime soon baby!

Here he is at school crawling through the tunnel...

"Mamamama" has been a favorite and frequent vocalization. We were at the Millward's place the night before we left for vacation and E looked right at me and said "mama". IT MADE MY HEART HAPPY! No "dada" yet but he loves Ty sooo much, even crying for him when he went into the shower this morning. We also love hearing him babble in his crib in the morning.

And a few more pics from our eight month photo shoot :)

E and his brush
As you can see...he mouths EVERYTHING!

Reaching for the pull-toy that Papa made him...

Taste testing the ride-on toy that Papa made...

Yup...good stuff, Papa.
Ethan approves of your choice of wood and your wonderful craftsmanship!

Okay...that's it for now. Bye-bye from the Sorokas!

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