Sunday, May 8, 2011

dear aunt fran,

i'm not quite sure how it could be a year gone by already
it still hurts sometimes and feels unfair that you were taken from us so quickly
i am really quite astounded at how much i think about you
and i hope you know how many lives you touched so deeply
i so wish you could have known ethan
he WILL know about you
one night i had a dream and you were hugging me,
but i don't think it was a dream because it felt so real... real that i woke up and smiled

all my love,
your miss piggy


  1. you lost her right around the same time I lost my aunt...funny, we were at Rona on the weekend and as we walked in a lady looking exactly like my aunt audrey was walking out...even Tim was shaken...
    nice to know how aunts can touch our lives so dearly...I'm thinking she would have gobbled Ethan cute.

  2. it's unbelievable that a year has gone by already. aunt fran is still very much a part of our lives. she is our special angel watching over us and our little kiddies. i know she would have absolutely loved ethan.

  3. she certainly would have gobbled him up not to mention spoil the heck out of him! She was a beautiful person, always so good to me

  4. I, too, think of Aunt Fran everyday. She is our angel, watching over all of us. Our babies will know of Aunt Fran. Love her so much! Wish she was still here enjoying our little ones. What I would give to have her back. <3