Friday, May 27, 2011

Stats from the doctor visit

Doctor Visit - May 26, 2011

Weight - 20.8 lbs
Height - 28 inches
Head Circumference - i forget, but big ;)

A hearing test was attempted but they could not get an accurate read because of our little squirmer. Finger stick test for iron - he just watched in awe, no tears. Ethan got one shot (third and last dose of Hep B)...whimpered a bit. Then he screamed bloody murder when mom was getting him dressed - he HATES getting dressed!

trying to eat off the band-aid the nurse put on his finger
p.s. - dr. said we have watch E for allergy to dog. I mentioned that we were at a friend's place earlier in the day and they have a dog (yellow lab). It gave Ethan some kisses and the area that got smooched turned extremely red. Doc said if it happens again he should go for allergy test. Funny because Max kisses him all the time and no reaction. This ever happen to anyone? Hopefully it was just a fluke because Ethan LOVES dogs.

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  1. It may be because E is used to Max, as they have grown up together and he could have developed antibodies to him. My dad was allergic to every dog on the planet except our own!