Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nine Months Already

Well really nine and a half months now.

Ethan is still motoring around on his belly. I'm not sure if he will ever crawl on all fours?!? He sometimes attempts to pull himself up on various things around the house...the stroller (parked in the apt.), the ottoman and some of his toys. He still has a SERIOUS thing for Max. I sometimes joke that I am going to dress up as a ginormous chihuahua just to get half of the attention Max gets. Ethan, I think you love the challenge because Max is just not that into you, my love. Six teeth have made their way through (4 top and 2 bottom). Ethan has started to clap and wave so he tends to make a lot of friends here on the streets of Hoboken. He loves his soccer ball and rolling it back and forth with us (clapping is included). And he LOVES to show us his dance moves, bopping left to right. He is eating basically anything we eat (with the exception of spicy food and sushi). He seems to love legumes (chick peas, black beans) and green peas. He is not a fan of rice and orzo, as they come right back out of his mouth!

Okay - this post is being cut short by the E man himself - - he actually slept til 7:30 am! GOOD BOY, ETHAN! We are going to doctor this afternoon. Will post latest stats later...remind me!

I leave you with some pics from May.

Mother's Day, 2011

Max...always wanting the big people's attention

love that little face :)

I heart this picture

"So long for now!"

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