Friday, August 20, 2010

Here are the results of the online baby pool...


RankPlayer NameGuessDifferencePointsFromWho I Am
1Marv Soroka--142.58Winnipeg MB My future grandson
2Josiphine Bedard--166.58Winnipeg MB Friend
3Kelly Osmond--225.00Wall NJ Noelle's Cousin
4Mike Treiber--241.75Hamilton NJ Noelle and I are great friends from High School!!!
5Kerri Meagher--256.08Manalapan NJ My best friend's sister- I'm sure that makes us family some how :)
6Michele Richtik--292.75Winnipeg MB Excited Auntie in Canada
7Tyler Soroka--404.83Hoboken NJ Daddy to be
8Laura Shields--409.33Voorhees NJ Friends / former backyard neighbors :)
9Maria Soroka--443.75Winnipeg MB sister-in-law and excited auntie-to-be
10Lindsay Guttormson--491.50Selkirk MB family
11Janet Rogenski--492.75Barnstead NH friend of Noelle's through the UMASS crew! :)
12Taylor Richtik--498.50Winnipeg MB Tyler's niece
13Christine--505.42Chatham NJ Noelle's cousin
14Keith Richtik--506.75Winnipeg MB Brother in law
15Dylan Fech--531.75S. Brunswick NJ Uncle Ty and Aunt Noey's nephew
16Barbara Butler--541.58Bethany Beach DE Noelle's aunt
17Frank Inzano--583.25Kendall Park NJ Grandpa to be
18Claire Soroka--648.25Winnipeg MB My baby is going to have a baby
19Claudia Soroka--663.83Winnipeg MB baby's cousin/Tyler & Noelle's niece
20Valerie Gallegos--687.08Middleboro MA Noelle's friend from UMass
21Noelle Soroka--693.00Hoboken NJ Mommy to be
23Devin Soroka--699.83Winnipeg MB Tyler's Brother and the favorite Uncle. Will be known as "Uncle FAT Wallet"
24Mel Parker--721.33Watertown MA UMass Baby!!!!
25Meghan Fech--730.75 Noelle's Sister
26Brooke Richtik--793.83Winnipeg MB Tyler's niece
27Katie Dooley--809.92Brooklyn NY Ollllllllld Metuchen friend
28Logan Fech--873.25S. Brunswick NJ Uncle Ty and Aunt Noey's nephew
29Susan S.--950.75Rockaway NJ Noelle's Cousin
30Joanne Inzano--953.25Kendall Park NJ Grandma to be
31Joanne Simpson--958.25Bellingham MA Noelle's friend from NECC
32Max Soroka--1017.33Hoboken NJ Baby's Canine Companion
33Heather Baer--1084.83Marlboro MA We worked at NECC together!
34Dane Fech--1228.25 Brother-in-law
35Amanda Ashe--1366.75New York NY Umass Friend and friend most likely to be seen at a keg party with Baby Soroka...21 years from now

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