Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Many Firsts

It's amazing to watch this tiny baby interact with the world around him. Ethan has been a busy boy! We have been out and about in Hoboken almost every day and Ethan even crossed state lines last weekend to visit our Aunt Barbara in Delaware. Here are a few more of the "firsts" our little guy has experienced thus far...

First time on the play mat

First Doctor's Appointment
Ethan gets weighed and is not too happy about it...7 lbs, 2.5 oz
Dr. Oko checks out our little guy...Ethan was such a good boy.

"That was rough...let's get outta here, mom"

First Slice of Pizza from Benny Tudino's!
Well...actually the pizza was for mom and dad, but the slices were as big as Ethan! Papa Marv loves this pizza (he has been known to visit Benny's twice a day when he comes into town). Ethan is ready to go with you in September, Papa!

First trip to the Beach
Thanks to Auntie Erika for the great sun shade for the infant seat. It is even SPF! Ethan slept in his chair for about 2 hours while we were at the beach. We are sure that next year will be very different...he will be walking and playing in the sand!

First Time in the Stroller
The stroller took it's maiden voyage while we were in Delaware - we love it!


  1. ethan has had a busy schedule during his first month of life. so happy we have been able to share some of these "firsts" with you. he is such a blessing and we love him sooo much! can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. it's GREAT that you are getting out and enjoying Ethan and the world around much to expose him to..he will learn so much!!
    That pizza pic...adorable, I forget how small they really are..that stage flies by and they are BIG all of a sudden!